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The world is full of writers. Many of them crow about their ability to magically produce copy that makes people sigh, or cry, or buy.

Don’t fall for it.

Over three decades as a writer and editor at a content marketing firm and six newspapers, I’ve learned that most people’s writing ability is about the same. What varies is their ability to frame stories and convey a subject’s point of view in a way that is relevant, compelling and impactful.

My approach favors interviews that make people real over online research that just adds to the noise. It gets me out of the way and lets you come through.

Plenty of people can write copy; precious few can tell a story.

If you have a story to tell, I’d like to help.


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    Idea Grove

    Led content creation at a fast-growing, 20-person marketing and public relations firm in Dallas. During my tenure, the number of clients doubled, headcount tripled, and revenues increased fivefold.

  • 02

    The Dallas Morning News and three other papers

    Enjoyed a series of challenging roles supervising talented editors and reporters. Directed several organizational transformations and took a local newspaper to national prominence.

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    The Tampa Tribune and two other newspapers

    My stories helped prevent a billion-dollar boondoggle and run a shady businessman out of town. Got to go inside steel mills, under Walt Disney World, and around with George Steinbrenner.


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    University of Pennsylvania


    Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, rowed on the lightweight crew, and took a freelance writing assignment that launched a career.

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    The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina


    Earned a scholarship from the Navy and achieved the highest military rank available to sophomores, but left after two years confident that I had mastered marching in parades and making socks smile.

  • 03
    Episcopal School of Jacksonville


    Graduated from one of my hometown’s most respected schools and established myself as one of the nation’s best high school single scullers. Got to spend my final trimester living in the loft of a boathouse.

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Stories From The News

I have been fortunate to spend 26 years as a newspaper reporter and editor. For more than half of that time I was an assistant Metro editor at The Dallas Morning News, where I worked with some very talented reporters on some truly memorable stories.

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Take a Ride Back in Time

So much has been written about the great generals of the Civil War that it’s tempting to forget that behind them were hundreds of thousands of ordinary soldiers like William Hickle Mynatt.

My great-great-grandfather didn’t make history at Manassas, Gettysburg or Appomattox. His unit rarely left the hills and valleys of East Tennessee that he called home. His service was summarized in a few handwritten records buried in the National Archives.

But from those slips of paper a story emerges. It’s the story of divided loyalties, shifting fortunes, and extraordinary hardships endured by ordinary men. It’s the story of the Ninth Tennessee Cavalry and a private in Company E.

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